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So I know that today is officially October the 21st and that Spirit Day is/was the 20th and that maybe I should have blogged about this earlier but my bad blogging habits aren’t the point here. The goal of spirit day, for those of you whom are not aware, is to show support for and to raise awareness about the bullying of people in the LGBTQ community. The general way in which this support is shown is by wearing something purple, purple being a colour symbolic of homosexuality. So I hope you all have or will pull out something purple for spirit day and show your support (and/or pride) in doing so. This years spirit day is the second ever, last years being the first originally observed by a Canadian teenager Brittany McMillan. I guess if you missed out on todays Spirit Day you can observe it tomorrow, officially (and every day after that,) as now is when America and Canada, the origins of Spirit Day, will be observing it. Fly the flag high.

Happy Spirit Day 2011!